Get Your Skin and Hair Summer-Ready with Collagen: A Complete Guide
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Get Your Skin and Hair Summer-Ready with Collagen: A Complete Guide

Collagen is touted as a gentle, non-invasive botox — and results can be seen in as little as three months.

Glass skin, moisture-barrier repair, skin cycling, scalp care, and more—the online beauty space is overflowing with new routines and procedures to achieve the skin and hair of your dreams, just in time for the hot, hot heat of summer. But there’s a not-so-secret beauty hero that can get you all of those clinically-proven results in as little as three months. Save money, time, and space in your cosmetics cabinet with one protein, naturally occurring in the body, that packs all of that punch in one single gulp per day: Gold Collagen.

Anyone tapped into the beauty world knows that collagen is the key to youthful radiance. Known as the building block of skin, cartilage, bones, and connective tissue, collagen is produced in abundance as children and slowly begins to taper off after the age of 25 when fine lines and wrinkles begin to form, and hair density begins to dwindle with age. But don’t fear aging, Minerva Research Labs’ consultant and nutrition expert Dr. Vidhi Patel says “[taking collagen] is the most natural way of helping the process of aging.” Adding that “aging is beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be premature [or] with side effects.”

Minerva Research Labs has spent the last decade working with leading academic institutes, and nutrition and scientific experts, to formulate their clinically proven supplements to help people age gracefully and confidently. Patel can’t say enough about the power of Gold Collagen Multi Pure. “It’s the most natural way of helping the process of aging,” says Patel. Gold Collagen is the top liquid collagen supplement based in Europe and the leading liquid collagen supplement in Canada. Proven to support collagen formation, promote skin, hair, and nail health, reinforce your skin’s natural defences, and boost your immunity. Its clinical trials are also taken on the final formula, which is essential to be able to truly evaluate whether the supplement is efficacious. You can find the full range of Gold Collagen products available both in-store and online at Shoppers Drug Mart or

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Here, we talk about how to get your skin and hair summer-ready with your new BFF, collagen.

How do you know what collagen supplement to take?

Not all supplements are made the same, Patel says. Collagen supplements in powder form bring into question quality, and whether or not your body can or will absorb any of it at all. It also requires additional steps, like mixing it with water or blending it in a smoothie, just to take it, which may get messy. Who’s going to do that? The point is to make this easier, not harder. Gold Collagen Pure and Multi Pure come in a liquid form that tastes good on its own, packed with other vitamins and minerals to give your body the added beauty and health boost. It’s as easy as tossing back one small bottle of Pure or a tablespoon of Multi Pure while waiting for your morning coffee to brew.

We all know the importance of reading labels, and the same goes for your collagen. Multi Pure has 11 active ingredients, including black pepper extract, biotin, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and, of course, Vitamin C. “Even more,” Patel says. “Because you’re also getting antioxidants, on top of your protein and collagen needs, that helps with various other things, even organ-aging.”


How do collagen supplements help your skin and hair?

As we age, our body’s natural collagen switches its main focus to bone, organ, and connective tissue health, leaving progressively less for our nails, hair, and skin. “Skincare starts with a sip” was Gold Collagen’s inaugural slogan—and it’s clear to see why. “It’s ingestible skincare,” Patel says of the supplement, which combines with your naturally occurring collagen to give it a boost as you age and give some TLC to those outer-beauty features that we love to take care of. But what does that actually mean?

When you take a liquid form of collagen such as Gold Collagen Pure, or its bigger bottle format, Multi Pure, it’s immediately absorbed into the body through the bloodstream and gets to work right away by heading right to where your body needs it most, such as your skin and hair follicles. It helps your hair by helping improve blood flow to the scalp encouraging strength and growth of your hair follicles, while also helping prevent breakage. It also helps to boost skin hydration and elasticity by promoting the natural production of skin-loving substances like hyaluronic acid. This cycle continues on a loop: Natural production of collagen stimulates the production of more hyaluronic acid, which stimulates, again, more collagen production. And so on.

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How long do you have to wait to see results?

Taking a collagen supplement isn’t like taking a medication that has a fixed lifespan or botox where you can see immediate results, Patel explains—it’s cumulative. Ingested collagen continues to layer on top of itself. Just like aging is a process, so is reversing the signs of aging. “It’s not a quick fix, but it will happen,” Patel says. “Consistency is the key.” She recommends a three-month cycle—three months on and three months off of taking Gold Collagen Multi Pure. This helps boost collagen levels, while also giving the body time to naturally produce it without help.

All it takes is about two months to really start to see the results, just in time for the first day of summer. Gold Collagen Pure and Multi Pure are clinically proven to boost skin radiance and hydration in just three weeks, decrease wrinkles in six weeks, and improve skin elasticity after nine weeks. Take a before-and-after picture, Patel says, and see for yourself.

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