Brow Gems: Four Ways to Bling Out Your Brows
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Brow Gems: Four Ways to Bling Out Your Brows

Photography courtesy of Lauchmetrics.COM/SPOTLIGHT

Brb, bedazzling our brows.

As beauty trends ebb and flow, we put our beloved brows through a lot.

They’ve endured being overplucked, brushed up for maximum fullness, and bleached to a barely-there state. But our latest obsession is somehow even more extra than the rest. Enter: brow gems.

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Consider this brow look (which has appeared everywhere from Peter Do and Chanel runways to Lady Gaga’s Instagram feed) a more editorial extension of “browscaping” — the trend in which brows serve as the foundation for creative expression, making them the focal point of a makeup look. And as far as experimentation goes, an eyebrow chock-full of brow gems surely says something.

Whether you’re preparing for Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, a Pride party, or you’re still in your Euphoria era, here are four ways to bling out your brows using rhinestones (and perhaps a steady hand).

Fake a bleached brow

Not willing to take the bleached brow plunge? Skip the commitment and mimic that bleach-blonde look by using champagne-coloured rhinestones, like these ones you can pick up on Amazon or at your local craft store. First, create a barrier between your real brows and the gemstones by spackling on a thick layer of stick glue. Next, use a coat of your favourite brush-on lash glue to act as an adhesive before you apply the gems on top of your brows. Taking advice from makeup artist Katie Farhood who posted this look on TikTok, fill in any remaining gaps with a brush of fine gold glitter.

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Try Renaissance-tour-ready diamanté brows

It’s an unspoken rule that silver chrome is part of Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour dress code, and this diamanté brow look by TikTok user @charhairchar is sure to elevate your futuristic ensembles. Once you’ve completed your brow routine as usual, @charhairchar recommends using a rhinestone picker to help pick up your gems, so that your placement can be as precise as possible. Grab your silver rhinestones using the tool and apply a light dab of lash glue to the bottom of the gem. Allow the glue to get tacky and then proceed to place each brow gem wherever you’d like. If this look isn’t giving Alien Superstar, we don’t know what is.

Build a new brow

Why go through the hassle of trimming, sculpting, or filling in your precious brows to achieve a new shape when you can simply fake it with gems? On TikTok, professional makeup artist @laramiemakeup began this look with a blocked-out brow base so that a new brow shape can be drawn on. The shape in question? An ultra-thin, blinged-out 90s brow made up of multicoloured rhinestones in varying shapes and sizes.

Add a rainbow tail

This Pride month, upgrade your glam with this rainbow brow tail look posted by TikToker Craig Hamilton. Using a thick concealer (like Tarte’s Shape Tape) and glue to carry out the aforementioned brow-blocking technique, you’ll want to conceal the tail end of your brow so you’ve got a blank canvas to apply your rhinestones. Use a pair of tweezers (or your rhinestone picker!) to help apply your miniature brow gems in a rainbow-coloured sequence and you’re all set.

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