5 affiliate programs for making money on a YouTube channel
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5 affiliate programs for making money on a YouTube channel

In this article, we’ll look at what you can get paid for, what YouTube affiliate programs to consider for cooperation, and whether a vlogger with a dozen subscribers can make money on his channel.

What do affiliate programs pay YouTube bloggers for?

Please note: for bloggers from Russia and Belarus, YouTube has disabled the video monetization function since spring 2022. Channels can no longer connect to AdSense monetization, money from the account is no longer withdrawn to Russian bank cards, and companies are no longer allowed to place ads. However, Russian-speaking bloggers from other countries, including CIS countries, can continue to work with YouTube.

Fortunately, special affiliate programs and advertising on YouTube are not the only way to monetize your video blog. Some brands allow you to place advertising integration directly into the video, and you can also collect voluntary donations through other applications. But if this is not your approach, then you can simply connect to the travel brand’s affiliate program through Travel payouts, post links on your YouTube channel and earn money from affiliate marketing.

Many popular bloggers have become local and global opinion leaders. 

Everything is clear with influencers, they earn millions and are not shy about embedding advertisements of various types into their videos. We’ll look into this further in the article.

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General requirements of affiliate programs for YouTube channels

The affiliate media network is an intermediary between channels and YouTube. For monetizing videos through an affiliate program, the blogger receives additional benefits and the patronage of a major video hosting partner.

5 affiliate programs for making money on a YouTube channel

Optimization tips, personal assistance from managers and training in the intricacies of blogging.

The requirements of affiliate programs differ, but there is a general condition – the channel must have an audience/views and broadcast unique content. To do this, the author must comply with the rules of participation, reside in one of the countries where the YouTube affiliate program is available and gain 1,000 subscribers + 4,000 hours of viewing per year. Statistics are displayed in the “Creative Studio” in the “Views” tab.

Integration of advertising products is a topic for a separate article. Please note: YouTube monetization has not been available for bloggers from Russia since March 2022. New users can’t create new AdSense, AdMob, or Google Ad Manager accounts, and advertisers in Russia can no longer post ads. But the affiliate program is still available to users from other CIS countries.

Can a beginner channel work with affiliate programs?

There is no generally accepted threshold for starting to earn money, but many affiliate programs consider applications only after passing moderation in AdSense. Confirmation may take about a month, but after verification and approval, a yellow “coin” icon will appear on the video – this means you can start earning money.

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If the audience understands that the author’s main goal is to profit from them, it will discourage them from interacting.

YouTube “takes” 55% of advertisers’ money from authors, and media networks up to 35%. Some bloggers believe that this is a large amount and seek to gain independence through monetizing the channel on a direct advertising exchange and using affiliate links.

Purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription (the partner receives a commission).
Next, we’ll tell you which affiliate programs are best for beginners and already promoted video bloggers.

Partner of AIR

The AIR network is one of the top YouTube affiliates that works with creators from the CIS. It is a certified video hosting partner and also works with TikTok. It takes channels with unique content under its wing and offers comfortable conditions for cooperation.

The AIR program has ceased cooperation with all bloggers from Russia and Belarus since February 2022. Platform managers also check all connected bloggers for statements in support of the special operation.

AIR advantages:

Active cooperation with authors to resolve complaints about videos and protect copyrights to content.
Increased bet size for popular bloggers.

5 affiliate programs for making money on a YouTube channel

Cool personal account with detailed analytics.
AIR Pay secure payment system and payments in 155 currencies or crypto.
Training programs to improve the skills of YouTubers.
Development of graphic design for the channel on favorable terms.
Qualified support from specialists.
Channel audit, personal manager and development recommendations.
60 thousand tracks with a free license.
Plus, such opinion leaders as Weslaco, children’s vlogger Mister Max, the comedy project Choky Pasta and many others collaborate with AIR. They have tens of millions of subscribers on board.

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1,500 subscribers.
Minimum 3 videos
5,000 hours of viewing per year.
Linking to an AdSense account.
Compliance with YouTube’s internal policies.

Reward amount

After concluding an online agreement, the partner receives 70% of the advertising income, and the media network takes 30%. To increase the rate, you need to gain a certain number of commercial views, work with the platform for more than six months and have a clean history on YouTube for the same period (without complaints).

Payments are made to:

International SWIFT transfers
Bank cards
Payments can also be received in BTC and USDT cryptocurrencies. The payment threshold and terms depend on the withdrawal method.

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