Celebrity Astrologer Lauren DeGolia Breaks Down Summer 2023
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Celebrity Astrologer Lauren DeGolia Breaks Down Summer 2023

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your style – and it can also say a lot about how summer 2023 will play out. To break it all down for us we turned to Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and celebrity astrologer.


“Animated Aries, this summer, your boldness and adventurous spirit will lead you to new experiences and unforgettable memories. Take your look up a notch this season and embrace appealing accents during the summer months. Enhance your look with vibrant colors, a lively lip, eye-catching makeup, or stylish shoes and a matching purse to add a touch of flair to your outfit. Don’t worry about going over the top when dressing to impress. Since you’re always on the move, opt for simplicity to make it easy to stay fashionable on-the-go.”


“Terrific Taurus, the warm weather of summer 2023 will bring out your sensual side, and you’ll indulge in the finer things in life. Embrace elegant outfits and stylish silhouettes for a fabulous summer. Leave behind the temporary trends and invest in enduring essentials that will accompany you through the sunlit seasons. Combine your go-to pieces with charming accessories for a touch of playfulness. While simplicity is your forte, remember that a thoughtfully curated ensemble speaks volumes.”


“Glowing Gemini, with your quick wit and natural charm, you’ll make new friends and connections that will last a lifetime this summer. As you transition from work to waterfront, or park to patio party, opt for outfits that showcase your flair for making your wardrobe work wonders. We know you relish variety, so ensure your ensembles can effortlessly intermingle for a fabulous and fluid fashion fiesta. Ol!”

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“Captivating Cancer, Summer 2023 will be all about self-care for you, as you take time to nurture your emotional well-being and recharge your batteries. Curate your charming closet with fashionable must-haves that reflect your refined style during the sunny seasons. Opt for an enchanting breezy white linen dress, a radiant silk scarf for versatile flair, and irresistible crisp tailored shorts for balmy days. Acknowledging your love for comfort, choose trendy sandals or polished sneakers to accompany you effortlessly through all the sun-soaked gatherings and starlit socials this summer.”


“Lively Leo, your radiant energy and charisma will shine bright this summer, attracting all the right people and opportunities your way. Bask in the sun and sashay in the spotlight. Combine colors, fabrics, patterns, and designers for a vibrant summer ensemble. Conventional wisdom holds no sway as you curate outfits that will turn heads throughout the warmer months. Embrace the spirit of fun and flirtation, selecting stylish combinations for the ultimate seasonal success.”


“Vivacious Virgo, you’ll find balance and harmony in the simple pleasures of life this summer, and appreciate the beauty in the little things. Make your summer sizzle with sensational style opportunities. Embrace the warm, sun-drenched months by harmonizing the timeless with the trendy, curating ensembles that exude YOUR exceptional essence. Sprinkle your creativity like confetti, concocting outfits that invigorate your every move. While your affinity for a pristine wardrobe is admirable, ensure you’re pruning the pieces that no longer resonate with your ever-evolving taste.”

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“Luscious Libra, the romantic vibes of summer 2023 will awaken your inner hopeless romantic, and you’ll indulge in love and all its splendors. Keep the summer months full of stylish possibilities as you construct your warm-weather wardrobe. Embrace breezy basics while adorning yourself with fabulous flourishes to create a head-turning ensemble. Dare to mix and match unexpected pieces that catch your eye for a refreshing twist. We understand choosing just one look can be daunting, so go ahead, Libra – grant yourself the freedom to be fabulously extra this season.”


“Sensational Scorpio, this summer, your magnetic energy will draw people towards you, and you’ll uncover new depths of passion and intensity. Spring into style by embracing ethereal fabrics: linen, silk, and delicate lace to your fashionable collection this spring and summer. Lighten up your look by introducing vibrant colors and eye-catching accessories that will undoubtedly ignite intriguing conversations. We adore that you know how to dazzle and delight when you feel inspired.”


“Sunny Sagittarius, with a thirst for adventure and new experiences, this summer will be one for the books as you explore new horizons and make memories to last a lifetime. Summer summons stylish sensations for you. Delve into dashing, eco-friendly fashion choices that capture your vivacious vibe and endure the test of time. Brighten your wardrobe and your footwear collection by infusing bold hues that accentuate your adventurous aura. Incorporate sustainable style statements that keep your free-spirited essence shining throughout the sun-kissed months.”



“Capricious Capricorn, this summer, you’ll find success and fulfillment by leading with your intuition and creating sucess with logic. Consider casting aside the coats and scarves to embrace a fresh, yet sensible wardrobe this summer. It’s perfectly acceptable to infuse a touch of trendiness into your traditional collection and experiment with some innovative outfits during these sunnier seasons. We recognize your passion for predictability, but venturing beyond your comfort zone is vital to the vivacious vibe your spirit seeks.”

Celebrity Astrologer Lauren DeGolia Breaks Down Summer 2023
Image: Crispin la valiente for Getty


“Altruistic Aquarius, your free-spirited nature and unconventional ideas will be embraced this summer, as you inspire others to think outside the box. Summer calls for you to showcase your fashion finesse with a rebellious twist. As you break free from winter’s sartorial restrictions, explore boutiques and conscious couture that reflect your compassionate convictions, while daring to add audacious elements to your ensembles. We applaud your trailblazing taste, as you embrace the wild side and radiate your distinctive style during these sun-drenched seasons.”


“Polished Pisces, with your innate empathy and intuition, you’ll connect deeply with others this summer and find fulfillment through acts of kindness and compassion. Amplify your presence this summer by embracing breezy fabrics and delightful details. From charming chiffon to lovely linen and flirtatious florals, let your intuition and spirit guide your style choices in the warmer months. We understand that decision-making can be challenging, simply slip into whatever resonates with your mood and creativity at the time.”

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