Earning money by watching videos: how much you can really earn
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Earning money by watching videos: how much you can really earn

Who pays for views

Such work, or more precisely, part-time work, is attractive only at first glance. We are sure that your expectations about money for watching videos do not coincide greatly with reality.

To understand pricing, let’s look at customer motivation.

The algorithms of search engines and video hosting work on the same principle: the higher the statistics of a video, the greater the likelihood of it getting into the tops and recommendations.

The purpose of most video content is to earn money:

on the number of views, if the hosting has monetization;
on advertising purchased from the content author;
by self-promoting your own product in a video.
An interesting relationship emerges: to start earning money, you need to promote your video. And you have to pay for views.

Previously, they were “cheated,” for example, with the help of bots, but today systems easily recognize this. Therefore, they attract living people who have extra time.

Important: if you want to turn this activity into passive income, we hasten to disappoint you. Often, after watching a video (even a few seconds long), you are asked to take a survey. It will contain a couple of tasks on knowledge of the plot of the video. Yes, and you have to switch videos every minute, there is no time to look away from the screen.

Earning money by watching videos: how much you can really earn

Taking off the rainbow glasses: how much you can earn

Watching videos and making money is real. But the amounts are ridiculous. In order not to be unfounded, the table collected numbers from different sites.

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No, this is not a joke. Such amounts are offered in 2023. Add another 10 seconds to your 20 seconds of work to download the video and complete the survey.

There are reviews and reviews of these and other services online, as well as descriptions on the creators’ websites. There flash figures of 500 or more rubles in profit per day.

Simple mathematics: let’s say 20 seconds of viewing costs 10 kopecks (we didn’t take the lowest or even the average level). Then your income is 36 rubles per day.

Let’s go further: you spend two hours on this every day. Total income per month is 1080 rubles. And this is the ideal situation. There may not be such a number of orders. Besides, think about it: you wasted 60 hours of your life (the content offered for viewing leaves much to be desired), having received a thousand rubles.

In fact, it will take more labor hours, because this number does not include the time for searching for an order, downloading videos and completing verification tasks.

Of course, you don’t have to put in any physical or mental effort, but the pay is pennies. In reviews and reviews of services they say that it is optimal to count on an income of 500–1500 rubles per month. Who is it suitable for? Perhaps schoolchildren. But it is better to pay your child out of your own pocket for cleaning or washing dishes.

We are sure that people in difficult life situations do this kind of work. It is much better to master a new, in-demand profession and develop in it. And the “Halva” card from Sovcombank will help with money for education.

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Halva is an interest-free installment plan. Among the card’s partners there are dozens of online schools with hundreds of current professions.

With it you can buy not only training, but also food, clothing, medicine and any other things. Halva is your safety net in any circumstances. Apply now to quickly start learning a new profession and forget about financial troubles.

Nine laps of registration

It will take more than five minutes. More precisely, up to half an hour for one service. To register, you need an account in the WebMoney electronic payment system: you will have to download the application.

Then you return to the site, log in and… don’t see the list of tasks. A full registration is required by entering:


residential addresses;
passport data.
But that’s not all! Either you enter your TIN and a number of other documents, or upload a scan of your passport. Then you wait one or two days for verification and only after that you see the tasks.

It is unclear why services need such details about performers. And the risk of leaks here is clearly higher than, for example, in a bank or State Services.

Withdrawing money is also not easy. Resources offer several options. For example, on Proficient it is:

Earning money by watching videos: how much you can really earn

To do this you need:

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Separately on the disk, look at the screenshots with the necessary videos.
On Rupture, find and watch four- and eight-minute videos along with advertising inserts. The latter are not included in the timing.
To earn 2.15 rubles, spend at least 15 minutes. So calculate the average income from this activity.

Another example: the WMRFast service has about 130 links to videos. Each one needs to be watched for at least 10 seconds. For processing all available content (the list has not been replenished during three days of monitoring), you will receive about 45 rubles. It will take about 20 minutes to view, and we’ll spend the same amount of time opening links.

Alternative tasks with higher salary

We are talking about working on the same sites. They pay not only for watching videos, but also for many other actions, namely:

likes, comments and subscriptions on social networks (on average – one ruble per task, for some comments you can get two rubles);
reposts and joining communities/groups (about three rubles);
completing surveys (from 2.5 rubles, although it may take over 15–30 minutes);
browsing pages on the Internet (from 15 kopecks);
writing reviews (the price tag is the most generous – about 20 rubles);
downloading applications (from seven rubles);
registration on a dating site (and there is such a thing, they pay only 2.5 rubles).
It’s easier to make money on such tasks. But there are pitfalls. For example, you don’t know in advance how much you will spend on a survey.

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