10 proven ways to make money on TikTok
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10 proven ways to make money on TikTok

According to Media scope, more than 30 million people use TikTok in Russia, and the main age of the audience is from 12 to 24 years. Big brands are already coming here: Coca-Cola, Sberbank, Megafon and others.

How much do creators earn on TikTok? Forbes says that top stars such as Rakhim Abramov, Dina Saeva and Alexey Savko receive 300-500 thousand rubles a month, and their fees are constantly growing.

This kind of money cannot be earned on TikTok from likes or video views – only authors with original content receive such a good income. This material contains all the possible ways to make money on TikTok for those who create their own content or want to help others create it.

How to make money on TikTok using official monetization

In Russia there are 3 official options for monetizing content through TikTok:

Become a member of the Inspiring Creators Fund and receive a monthly “salary.”
Get on the Marketplace and receive royalties for advertising products of brands and companies.
Next, we’ll look at how to make money on TikTok through the tools of the platform itself.

Inspiring Creators Foundation

A good way to start making money on TikTok for those who produce educational content or like to broadcast live. The Inspiring Creators Fund is the official content monetization program for Russian creators. Its cash fund is 100 million rubles.

10 proven ways to make money on TikTok

The fund is structured like this:

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There are two monthly programs in which the author can take part: “Educational Content” and “Live Broadcasts”.
The author submits an application and fulfills the conditions of the program within a month. For example, it produces more than 15 videos that collect more than 2 million views per month.

TikTok checks the fulfillment of the conditions of the competition, pays a reward and passes the author to the next month. If the author fails to fulfill the conditions, he submits the application again.
Any account can do this, but there are a number of conditions. To participate in the “Useful Content” program you need:

reach 18 years of age;

post original content that complies with the rules of the site;
publish at least 3 videos in the last month;
get an average number of views of at least 10 thousand.
There are fewer requirements for participation in the Live Broadcasts program:

age – from 18 years;

over the past month, at least 3 live broadcasts of one hour each have been conducted;
The content is original and follows TikTok rules. It’s better to log in from your phone.

TikTok Creator Marketplace

How much you can earn on the exchange: from $5 for integrating a brand in your video.

This is the official platform for collaboration between brands and bloggers. Authors receive individual invitations from the social network and are included in the marketplace list, and registered companies can gain access to these bloggers to order advertising from them. The site takes a small commission only when paying for advertising.

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TikTok does not indicate what requirements must be met in order to receive an invitation to the marketplace in Russia. There are specific indicators for Western bloggers, you can focus on them:

blogger over 18 years old;

the account has more than 10 thousand subscribers;
Over the past 28 days, more than 3 videos have been released and received at least 100 thousand likes.
The average price for an advertising post in other countries ranges from $5–25 for a nano-influencer and up to $2,000 for larger bloggers.

Gifts on live broadcasts

How much can you earn from broadcasting on TikTok: on average, 1–3 dollars per broadcast for a novice author.

One of the simplest and most accessible ways to monetize your account, which will allow you to earn money on TikTok from scratch. The main thing is to gain access to the streaming function; for this you need more than 1000 subscribers on your account.

How to make money from streaming on TikTok? Receive gifts from viewers. After ether, they turn into diamonds, which can then be converted into dollars and withdrawn to the card.

For more information about the mechanics of live broadcasts and earning money, read the instructions “How monetization works on TikTok: how to get and withdraw diamonds.”

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10 proven ways to make money on TikTok

How to make money from advertising on TikTok

In addition to official methods, TikTok does not prohibit advertising on the site when the TikToker himself advertises products, brands or other authors. Now there are several possible advertising mechanics:

mentioning another account in the video for the feed;
mutual PR and duets with other authors.
How many followers do you make money from on TikTok? On average, bloggers start looking for advertisers when they receive more than 100 thousand followers. If your topic is narrow, for example sculpture, advertisers may come even after 10 thousand subscribers.

Next – how to make money on your TikTok channel by attracting advertisers or traffic.

Personal brand promotion

Suitable for experts and professionals who can talk for a long time and interestingly about themselves, their profession or share useful and unique information. Expert blogs are often written by coaches, psychologists, lawyers, teachers, photographers, and producers.

The earning scheme on TikTok is multi-stage and is tied to attracting traffic, which can then be converted into clients. Here’s a little instruction: the photographer talks in videos about photo processing – he shares cool and useful content. The video or profile contains a link to Instagram* or the photographer’s website, and there is his author’s course or an offer to do a photo shoot.

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