All about monetization in TikTok: how to earn and withdraw money
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All about monetization in TikTok: how to earn and withdraw money

TikTok is the platform with the greatest potential for growing an audience in the world. According to the forecast of App Annie, an international analytics company, in 2021 the number of active users of TikTok will be 1.2 billion.

According to the Lavada Center, in Russia TikTok took 5th place among social network users, but the number of users has increased 7 times since 2019 – from 2% to 14%. According to Brand Analytics research, the size of the social network’s active audience in Russia in 2020 is 5.3 million authors.

Today, you can still get a quick start on this platform and achieve monetization in a few months – start advertising brands, promoting an expert blog and finding customers, selling your products and “collecting” donations on streams.

How to make money on TikTok – ways

On Instagram, users earn the most from advertising brands and selling their own goods and services; on YouTube, they actively use the affiliate program and donations on streams. What’s on Tik Tok? Previously, the platform also supported large bloggers and paid for views, but this was used by bloggers with over a million subscribers.

Now there are 5 main and most profitable ways to make money on TikTok:

Promote yourself and your business. This includes maintaining a personal expert blog and selling services, developing a personal brand, selling your products and merchandise. As well as promotion and sale of information products.

Advertising. Recommendation of projects that have affiliate programs and share their income with recommenders – Canvas, Amazon, Avia sales, iHerb.

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All about monetization in TikTok: how to earn and withdraw money

Monetization of TikTok on live broadcasts. Similar to streaming on YouTube – you broadcast live, and users will donate TikTok currency to you.

This is something like B2B – video shooting and editing, producing, strategy development and quick simple tasks like creating video covers or editing a video.

Promoting yourself and your business

A format for experts in their field and for those who want to sell their products. Tik Tok monetization is open to experts from any niche. There are still a lot of unoccupied ones and many where you can still compete for the attention of a subscriber – law and psychology in various fields, medicine and real estate, marketing and PR.

Through a personal account on TikTok, you can monetize your skills as a lawyer – give video advice on main topics, and then take your audience to Instagram and answer specific questions there. You can start a dentistry blog, help people avoid dental problems, and then sell your courses to a loyal audience.

If you are an author and have published books, arrange a duet with the reader, and if you make candles, show how they burn, what shapes they come in, and what you use in your work.

You warm up your subscribers with your useful videos, prepare them for purchasing a product, and develop an offer for a warm audience. Teach English – develop and promote checklists, conduct Gestalt therapy – run marathons and provide consultations.

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You can promote your brand and store. It is advisable for the account to have a face, but you can also promote yourself simply through an interesting demonstration of products.

You can promote your network either through a specific person or through a team or video of clients.

Selling advertising is the most commonplace method of monetizing TikTok in 2021.
or you yourself are looking for brands to collaborate with, which does not exclude the fact that you must have a cool account.

The brand sends a product for review, the blogger makes a video and receives only the product.
Often, along with such a request comes a clear assignment of exactly how the product should be advertised.

Discount. It happens that a blogger is ready to review and highlight a product on video and just for a discount. In the first stages, this is normal – you, as a blogger, get the opportunity to buy your favorite brand at a discount and an advertising video for your portfolio. and the brand usually does not lose anything.

The cost of one advertising video depends on the popularity of the author: the more subscribers, views and likes an account has, the higher the price of one post.

You can search for sponsors directly or through exchanges, for example, TikTopers or the Blogger Exchange on VKontakte.

All about monetization in TikTok: how to earn and withdraw money

Large brands collaborate with popular authors and offer to become ambassadors. An ambassador is a person who matches the company’s image and uses the brand’s product on camera. Often the ambassador acts as an official: he participates in image and advertising campaigns, and supports challenges.

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But most often, the ambassador simply regularly films unobtrusive advertising – the product simply flashes on video. The blogger puts on one brand of clothing, shows off the watch on his hand, and places the company’s equipment in the background so that the brand can be seen. If it’s something edible, you can just eat or drink it on video, without talking about the product.

The product can be used in a challenge or used to film a prank. For example, an unobtrusive Pringles advertisement fits perfectly into this video:

In addition to brands and companies, you can promote other authors. TikTok provides several formats for such advertising:

classic, where you simply talk about the account;
duet, where the advertised blogger participates with you;
reaction, where you shoot your video in response to the video of a second blogger.
As with regular advertising, the cost of such advertising depends on the number of subscribers, views and likes. Often, an interested blogger pays more than brands.

Partnership programs

You don’t have to wait for offers from direct advertisers, but use affiliate programs. This is an excellent type of monetization on TikTok for narrowly themed channels. You place affiliate links and brand mentions in your videos and earn commissions on every affiliate sale, app download, registration, etc.

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