How to make money on YouTube: 8 ways (with and without a channel)
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How to make money on YouTube: 8 ways (with and without a channel)

The leading YouTube channel in the Russian Federation earns 51 million rubles a year. I won’t promise you the same income, but you can definitely make a piece or even a piece of that amount. The main thing is to know how. Therefore, in this article I will talk about ways to make money on YouTube, having your own channel, as well as without it.

If there is a channel on YouTube

As with any social network, you shouldn’t expect a sharp rise in popularity on YouTube and a safe full of crisp banknotes. Everything happens gradually, and with any method of making money on your YouTube channel, you will start small.

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1. Earn money by blogging

At first glance, everything is simple – post interesting content and earn money on YouTube from views. But in reality everything is more complicated. Competition on YouTube is very high, and it’s no longer enough to just make an interesting video on your phone.

The more interesting you are to users, the more views there will be, and therefore more profit.

Example: Maxim Kulgin’s channel with an audience of 18 thousand subscribers publishes videos about personal experience of making money on the Internet. The channel itself receives, for example, approximately 24,178 rubles in 90 days.

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How to make money on YouTube: 8 ways (with and without a channel)

2. Earning money from AdSense

The note. In total, there are 4 types of context on YouTube: display advertising (banner on the right above recommended videos), overlays (ads at the bottom of the video), advertising with and without skippability.
Example 1: the author of a channel about the inner kitchen of a wedding operator Budget Filmmaker uses the AdSense program and receives an average of 3,000 rubles per month. Its audience is 6 thousand people.

Example 2: the “Geometries” channel, which has 242,000 subscribers, earns approximately 16,000 rubles in two months for one video.

3. Earning money from affiliate links

This type of earnings is suitable for channels that are just gaining popularity. The point is to place an affiliate link under your video, for clicking on which you will be paid money.

Example: The GarageBiz channel makes money from an affiliate program from a Chinese online store. In the first month, by placing affiliate links under the video, the channel owner withdrew 2,400 rubles to his account. Moreover, every month the sum can change both up and down.

4. Earning money from direct advertising

When you integrate advertising for a product inside your video. This is not suitable for beginner bloggers, since large advertisers simply will not be interested in them, and it will be difficult to earn a decent amount of money from small ones. Difficult, but possible. If you want to make money from advertising, you can use special exchanges to search for advertisers, for example, Epic Stars, etc.

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Example 1: Mikhail Mishchenko’s channel with an audience of 52 thousand people earns 7-15,000 rubles per order from direct advertising. Often, barter orders are added to this, when the channel owner advertises a product and receives the product itself for this. In Mikhail’s case, goods arrive in the amount of 48,000 rubles.

Example 2: for the popular blogger Wylsacom, a pre-roll (advertising video at the beginning of the video) costs 300,000 rubles. This is with an audience of 9 million subscribers, that is, the channel is highly promoted.

How to make money on YouTube: 8 ways (with and without a channel)

On a note. Remember that reputation comes first for a blogger. Therefore, you should not get too carried away with direct advertising, because too much of it may turn your audience away from you. And the product must fit the specifics of the channel.

5. Product sales

This is a separate tool for attracting traffic to a business. It is mainly used not by bloggers, but by online stores. Nowadays the “Product Review” section is very popular on YouTube. In the description you can leave links to the Avito store, VKontakte group, Instagram page or TikTok. If you do not have any sales platforms, then you can leave links to the messenger.

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Example: not only such large brands as M. Video or Lambda publish product reviews on their YouTube channel. There are also such videos on the ROZETKA store channel, and in the description there is always a link to purchase the product. The audience of Rozetka is smaller than that of MVideo – only 9 thousand people. Profit depends on the number of purchases.

Selling services looks more veiled and does not hit you directly on the forehead. The point is like selling goods – you post a review video on your YouTube channel, and in the description you leave a link to your website, VK group, Instagram or messenger.

Example: lawyer Sergei Zhorin on his channel examines sensitive topics for society from a legal point of view and leaves under the video a link to a website where users can use his services.

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