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In addition to permanent work in an office or in production, in the modern world there are many other ways to earn money. Personal business, investments, making a profit through social networks, even regular freelancing are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone can learn a new activity and earn good money from it, especially since some YouTube channels provide detailed information and support for beginners. Our article contains a selection of the best of them. 1. Point G The author of the channel, Oleg Artichoke, talks about the IT business and how to get the maximum benefit from it.

The channel’s releases will be of particular interest not only to those who are already involved in the field of virtual entrepreneurship, but also to those who want to broaden their horizons or be inspired by something new. The blogger shares personal thoughts on investments and financial strategies, and also invites experts to engage in dialogue, who talk about their own experiences from scratch and share useful tips.

From Oleg you will find many issues dedicated to arbitration in the IT sector. This is a way to make money on the Internet, based on attracting a client base (traffic) and receiving a certain percentage as a reward. The presentation of the material is easy, so if you wish, you can easily delve into all the complex terminology and principles of work in this area.

Money Never Sleeps

One of the most popular infotainment YouTube shows about investing. It is hosted by a well-known participant in exchange trading, Vasily Oleinik, and a candidate of economic sciences, a successful investor, Irina Akhmadullina. On Wednesdays, Vasily launches live broadcasts and communicates with subscribers, answering important questions, and also talks about his personal experience in trading.

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The channel regularly airs interviews with economists and investors. Every Sunday, the viewer can expect stock forecasts, world economic news affecting the market, analysis of portfolios and useful ideas for investing, taking into account the current situation in the world. In a separate “Training” playlist, a channel visitor can find eight episodes that will push them to take their first steps in the field of online earnings. By the way, the Tinkoff Bank team is working on the project.

The Investor

The author of the channel talks not just about investments, but also about how to successfully invest in US stocks. Where to start, what to choose and how to own an investment portfolio and dividends – you can find all this information here. The investor also shares current global economic news that may affect your financial condition, such as falling Chinese stocks or stock market bubbles.

The atmosphere is diluted by the vlogs of Sergei, who generously demonstrates the main events of his life to the Internet audience. Where he lives and vacations, where and how he moves, what kind of life is bubbling around him – these are truly fascinating moments that motivate you to do something for your own development.

Millionaire from Trues

hob In addition to information about investments, channel host Gleb Zadoi talks about how to become financially literate, achieve personal growth and properly develop your own potential. The author deeply covers the intricacies of the economic topic, and also gives answers to everyday questions that interest almost every resident of the country: what will happen to real estate prices.

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how to increase income using simple schemes, why you can’t take out a loan, and much more. To get started, check out the selection of episodes “Lessons in Financial Literacy” in the playlist. They will open up obvious opportunities for you that you might not have thought about. New videos are released quite often – every Wednesday. They usually last about fifteen minutes, but still contain important and useful material.


Igor Rybakov’s channel is perhaps the most popular in terms of business advice for the Russian audience. A self-made entrepreneur and investor, he started with the production of building materials, and now he invests money in modern technologies and does this on the most favorable terms. Together with his wife, they even founded their own foundation.


More than one and a half million people have subscribed to “Rybakova” and want to learn how to make good money for free, and the billionaire himself considers it his mission to be a guide to this goal. Its business academy is the most growing and useful for beginners in the field of entrepreneurship. Igor is also interested in the situation in the country and the latest news, so in his releases he likes to give a subjective assessment of what is happening.

Smirnova Capital

Yes, yes, not only men are strong in such complex industries, but also women. Natalya Smirnova has written more than ten books on financial topics and is the co-founder of an online investment school, which has both mini-courses and video products for more advanced ones. Her channel has a question and answer section.

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sections on financial literacy and investments (more than 180 episodes), as well as interviews and partner materials. Issues appear almost daily and contain the hottest notes about online earnings and the financial situation in general. It is quite easy to understand the reviews, because Natalya provides data in the form of tables and presentations, in which she includes the main points and conclusions. For the latest analytics, go to Smirnova Capital.

Pavel Bagryantsev

Literally a year ago, this young man decided to choose an unusual path for himself: thanks to all the money he earned on his YouTube channel, he became a millionaire investor. Therefore, in his videos, he shares his own steps towards achieving this goal, while simultaneously pursuing other projects. Pavel is convinced that success and wealth are influenced not only by some economic inclinations.

but also by lifestyle along with communication skills, so there are also lessons on improving these skills. The YouTube star is very versatile, so be sure to check out his books: “Always on the Money” and “The YouTube Code.” And for those who have long dreamed of becoming a video hosting manager or “promoting” their recordings, Pavel has free online courses and workshops on this topic. Statistics show that many people are happy to contact them.

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