15 best ways to make money online without investment
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15 best ways to make money online without investment

Now is the time – working part-time (and especially from home) will not hurt anyone. There are options, but not all are equally simple, even if they seem so at first glance.

In this article, we will look at ways to make money on the Internet – from those that do not require special skills to professional work. However, let us immediately note that we do not recommend contacting those who ask you to first transfer at least some amount to a bank card or e-wallet in order to make sure that your intentions regarding work are serious. This is a constant. Therefore, you should not count on a high income.

1. Completing simple tasks on social networks – likes, comments, reposts

Nowadays, a large number of services are engaged in the promotion of pages on social networks – mass following, mass looking and mass liking. But social networks have learned to identify bots and quickly block them. Therefore, companies are willing to pay for a like or repost from a real user. True, the payment for one action is a maximum of 5 rubles.

2. Take the survey

To do this, you need to register on special sites (for example, Poll-24) and answer the proposed questions from different categories. More often there are marketing surveys, during which people’s opinions regarding a certain group of goods or a specific product are studied. For completing a survey they pay from 20 to 300 rubles (depending on the complexity of the survey).

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3. Writing reviews

Reviews work no worse than advertising. And business is well aware of this. Therefore, they are willing to pay for a quality review. The money is small – for 1000 views of a review, about 50 rubles. If you attach a photo of using the specified product, you will earn more.

15 best ways to make money online without investment

4. Writing comments

You can look for such work on forums, information sites, and online stores. Now sellers on marketplaces are also willing to pay for comments. One comment costs 10-20 rubles.

5. Solving captcha

A job that costs a penny, but in fact does not require special knowledge and skills. The most popular service, captcha, pays from 1 to 10 kopecks for completing one such task.

6. Browsing websites

The service is ordered to improve behavioral factors and bring the site to the first positions in search results. The essence of the work is to view website pages as if a regular user were doing it. The work is low paid – around 10-20 kopecks per minute of being on the site.

7. Registration on forums, social networks and applications

This is another type of simple work on the Internet that will not bring much income, but is done simply and quickly. The point is precisely in creating an account, which is then either transferred into the ownership of another person, or used to create the effect of mass demand for a particular site or service. For one registration (depending on complexity) they pay from 10 to 50 rubles.

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8. Placing information on file hosting services

This extra is great if you have the information people need to download. What could it be? A book, coursework or dissertation, templates for all kinds of contracts. The more downloads, the more money. But the process is not fast. You can set any price for downloading a file – the more unique the information, the more expensive it is.

9. Earning money from clicks

The essence of the work is to follow the links provided and stay on the site for a while or open letters from the mailing list and stay on the page for a couple of seconds or minutes (depending on the task). The work is low paid – from 5 kopecks per action.

10. Cashback

It can also be attributed to generating income from the Internet. The meaning is outrageously simple – for the money you spent on the purchase of goods and services, you can get a refund of part of the payment. It is issued either in cash equivalent or awarded with points.

15 best ways to make money online without investment

Average level of difficulty of making money on the Internet
Such work will require certain knowledge and skills, as well as preliminary preparation. But you will be able to earn more than by watching videos or entering captchas.

11. Yandex Toloka

This is a service for earning money remotely. Every day, hundreds of simple and complex tasks are published on Toloka, by completing which you can earn income. Before completing complex projects, they offer training (it’s free).

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12. Channel on Yandex Zen

Money will begin to be credited when the channel reaches monetization. Regularity of publishing articles and perseverance are important here.

13. Pulse from Mail.ru

It is called an analogue of Yandex Zen. At least the earning mechanics are approximately the same. You need to write articles and shoot videos for the channel, develop it and earn income from it. Income – from 50,000 rubles on a well-promoted channel.

14. Selling photos to photo banks

It seems, what’s so complicated about it? But not everyone can take photographs professionally, or at least with an understanding of composition. High-quality photographs sometimes cost up to several tens of thousands of rubles. Therefore, if you have a passion for photography and have good equipment, then you can earn extra money this way.

15. Earning money from affiliate links

You can earn money from affiliate links if you have your own resource that is visited by real users. This could be a promoted page on social networks, a channel on Yandex Zen, or your own website.

The essence of this work is that you publish a referral link to an affiliate product/service and for each referred client you receive a certain “share” – a percentage of sales. Some manage to earn hundreds of thousands of rubles on affiliate programs.

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