How to make money online
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How to make money online

Making money on the Internet from advertising is one of the real options for generating income without initial investment. Online advertising is one of the ways to promote a business, so website owners invest huge amounts of money in it. Even a beginner can start earning money, but professional marketing requires high-level specialists.

Novice advertisers have questions about how and where they can make money from advertising, what specializations exist, and what is required for this.

How much can you earn from advertising?

The amount of income an advertiser earns depends on how he earns money and his professional level.

If you watch videos, follow links, and perform other simple tasks, your income will be up to 3,000 rubles per month if you are active for more than 8 hours daily.

Options for making money from advertising
We have collected the most effective ways to make money from advertising on the Internet.

Internet surfing

Internet surfing is the easiest and fastest way to make money on the Internet, which does not require any special knowledge. This option is suitable for schoolchildren and students who want to earn pocket money. It consists in the fact that the user, moving from site to site, performs simple tasks, creating traffic to the resource. Income is the sum of the number of completed tasks: watching videos, reading posts, downloading applications, making subscriptions, etc.

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How to make money online

To surf the Internet, you need to register for an online active advertising service.

We present an overview of popular platforms.

Offers earnings from likes and other simple tasks. Money is withdrawn to electronic wallets, bank cards, and mobile operator accounts.


A service for making money by viewing ads. They offer a large number of ways to earn money: visiting, writing, surfing. For registration there is a bonus of 10 rubles. Referral earnings 2–10% +2 rub. for an active referral. Additional bonuses for activity.


Multifunctional task service. They pay for activity on social networks, letters, website visits, tests. There is a referral program. Withdrawal of money through payment systems, mobile operators, bank transfers.


Multifunctional box for online earnings. They pay for viewing advertisements, videos, subscriptions, or for completing certain small tasks from various customers. There are one-time and reusable tasks. Income from referrals up to 5%.

Participation in surveys

Surveyors are sites that partner with well-known companies and provide the opportunity to get paid by participating in market research. They collect opinions of real users about different products or services. The performer’s task is to provide honest answers to questions about the products he uses and to express his real opinion. This is necessary for manufacturers to make their products even better, taking into account all the wishes of consumers.

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You can earn more by participating in surveys than by surfing the Internet, with the same amount of time spent. The cost of one survey is 1–100 rubles.

Which survey sites are the most popular:



Internet pros

You can register on the platform from the age of 14, but with parental consent. For filling out the questionnaire, points are awarded, which are converted into rubles at a 1:1 rate. You can withdraw an amount starting from 700 rubles. to a mobile phone.

The project with 15 years of experience offers surveys from major companies. For each completed survey, money is awarded. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 rubles, money is withdrawn to a mobile phone, e-wallet, or bank card.

You Think

Service for residents of Russia and Ukraine. They offer a bonus of 80 rubles. for the first questionnaire. Withdrawals are possible to electronic wallets and bank cards.

My opinion

An Internet project that conducts tests on the Internet and pays for them with points:

56 bonuses for registration;
for completing surveys up to 100 bonuses;
for each attracted user 50 bonuses. Bonuses are exchanged for prizes – home accessories, electronics, etc.

How to make money online

Writing texts and comments

Writing texts for websites or landing pages, posts for groups on social networks, letters for mailing lists, SEO texts, scripts for videos is in demand and well paid. No investment is required to operate. A specialist must have competent writing skills.

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know the rules of writing selling texts, and the basics of copywriting. Writing texts and comments can become your main job, with earnings of up to 50 thousand rubles. per month. To improve your professional level, you can complete specialized courses on online learning platforms.

A copywriting exchange with an intuitive interface and wide functionality. The amount of commission from the performer is 10%. You can withdraw money from your account to Visa and MasterCard bank cards, WebMoney wallets (only in WMP currency), Money, QIWI. Withdrawal fees range from 2% to 3%.


Offers work for copywriters, photographers, translators. Here you can write articles according to the customer’s instructions or sell your unique texts. Exchange commission 5%. You can withdraw money to electronic wallets and bank cards with a commission of 2%. The minimum withdrawal amount is 250 rubles.


A platform for copywriters, editors, layout designers, SMM and SEO specialists. Commissions for withdrawal of money from 6.5%. There is an urgent withdrawal in rubles with an additional commission of 5%.

Earning money from advertising on a blog
You can earn money on your page on social networks or on your YouTube channel. This option is suitable for those who have a well-promoted page with a large number of loyal subscribers.

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