How to make money using Facebook
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How to make money using Facebook

Post interesting posts. The basis of financial success on social networks is good content in large quantities. In the case of Facebook, this means interesting links, pictures and daily updates.
Find your niche and fill it with quality content. It doesn’t have to be a niche, but it does need to be fairly narrow for the reader to notice. If you intend to promote a product using your account, try to relate that product to the topics of your posts.

Try opening another account and maintaining your personal page separately. Post something interesting on the front page, and then link to it on your personal page. You may need even more accounts. Please remember that Facebook does not allow you to link multiple accounts to the same email address and/or phone number. You may have to verify your new account by entering a code that will be sent to your mobile phone number.

Take your time. Your page should gradually gain readers. Post something new and interesting every day. Set a goal to make money. The only way to make money with Facebook is to work hard.
Plan things out. Whatever your strategy, you will need to do something daily. Make a schedule of tasks and allocate time for them in advance.

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Take action. Making money with Facebook is all about chasing numbers. Since advertising through Facebook only costs you your time, you can spend as much time on your page as you want, even if it starts to cost you at some point. Then interest and statistics will begin to bring in their profits.

Add everyone. One of the quick ways to increase the number of subscribers is to add all the people in a row as friends. Many will not accept your request, but some will still do it.

How to make money using Facebook

Find an affiliate program or any program that allows you to link to your page. With an affiliate program, you are assigned a unique number and given promotional materials, and you are then paid a percentage of the sales generated through your help. Try to find a good affiliate program and start making money.

Many sites you are familiar with have such programs. Because the site doesn’t charge you a fee while allowing you to advertise a product, virtually anyone can collaborate with any number of sites.

Start with well-known brands. Amazon has an affiliate program in which the owner of the social network page receives a percentage of every sale that is made through a link from your Facebook, even if you advertised something else. Apple’s iTunes also has such a program.

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Look for less common programs. This will most likely bring you less money at a time, but you can expand the number of products you advertise and gradually earn a decent amount of money by advertising for different companies.

Become a member of the program. When you decide to advertise a company as part of an affiliate program, look for the company’s website and fill out all the necessary forms. It usually costs nothing and takes a few minutes.
Don’t pay to become an affiliate.

Create accounts. Create a Facebook account for each program or group of programs. This will allow people to follow your pages based on what interests them, rather than just reading a page with a bunch of different ads.
As mentioned above, you can use the main page for reposts from other accounts.

How to make money using Facebook

Promote your programs. Post one post for each program daily and follow the Facebook accounts. With a bit of luck and a good main account with a lot of followers, your other pages will start getting followed as well. Every time someone clicks on a link on your page and buys a product, you will earn money.

Write an e-book. E-books are publications the size of a regular book that are distributed electronically and are not printed on paper. Since publishing such a book costs almost nothing, anyone can do it.

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Don’t be too demanding of yourself. Unlike a regular book, an electronic edition can have as many pages as you want. As a rule, most e-books that are created just for the sake of money are more like brochures than full-fledged publications.

Take a topic that may be of interest to many people. It is better to write something non-fiction than fiction. Surprisingly, e-books that tell you how to make money selling e-books sell very well. At a minimum, they recoup the cost of writing.

There is no need to show off all your merits, but it is always better to do something that you know more about than the average person.

Decide how you will publish your book. There are several ways to do this.
The easiest way is to save the book as a PDF file and put a password on it that you could send to those who buy the book.

CreateSpace is a service provided by that allows you to publish books on Amazon for free. These titles are more secure than PDFs, but they are not as easy to distribute outside of Amazon. CreateSpace also has several paid services and options.

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