How can you make money on Instagram in 2023?
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How can you make money on Instagram in 2023?

63% of users visit the social network at least once a day, spending at least 28 minutes there. In addition, Instagram has long ceased to be just an entertainment platform for posting beautiful photos. Business owners, freelancers, and bloggers strive to make money on Instagram. And they succeed in this:

from 400 hryvnia you can get for one advertisement from a Ukrainian blogger with an audience of 4-5 thousand (!) people. And for millionaire bloggers, the price tag exceeds 2, 3 and 4 hundred in foreign currency;
The income of an Instagram blogger can reach 10-20 thousand dollars per month. Earning money from an Instagram account includes not only advertising, but also promotion of your own projects, direct cooperation with brands;
72% of companies in Ukraine and the world consider Instagram to be one of the main channels for attracting new customers.

The social network seems to be very oversaturated: the number of bloggers is growing every day. But it is possible for a beginner to make money on Instagram: we have collected the TOP 5 current ways.

Earning money on Instagram from advertising

Advertising formats on Instagram differ in the placement method:

in Stories – voice or text ads that disappear after 24 hours. As a rule, with an active link to the advertised blogger or to the website of the advertising company;
in the feed – the format of a traditional post.
Such earnings on Instagram are available even to novice bloggers: with 1000+ subscribers, and even less. They may provide you with a ready-made template for advertising, or leave room for creativity, voicing only general requirements. Cooperation with the customer can be one-time or multiple-time. The price of advertising on your profile depends on:

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How can you make money on Instagram in 2023?

statistics – coverage of posts and Stories, number of likes and comments. Remember that you need to view your own statistics and save data regularly. Advertisers will definitely want to take a look before buying ads from you;

number of subscribers. Active subscribers are important: bots and “dead” pages spoil the statistics;
reviews and portfolio. The advertiser will certainly want to look at the finished cases, evaluate your style of advertising and the effect of it. You can collect reviews in pinned stories on your work page.

The minimum advertising price for beginning bloggers (up to 5 thousand audience) is from $20. By posting 10 advertising posts/stories per month, you will receive 200 dollars (more than 5000 UAH) of net profit. Also, do not forget that advertisers often cooperate with novice bloggers through barter.

Don’t advertise too often. This irritates your viewers. Due to the huge number of advertisements, unsubscribes are guaranteed to follow.

If you are a fairly popular blogger and regularly receive requests for advertising, create a separate working account. There you can post statistics, advertiser reviews and prices. And also communicate with customers and exchange work files.

How to make money on Instagram from likes?

Don’t want to create your own blog? You can earn money on Instagram from likes from your regular account. There are special services where users are willing to pay for likes. You register, put a “heart”, you get money. Several popular resources for making money from likes:

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How can you make money on Instagram in 2023? – the average payment for one like starts from 30 kopecks. Withdrawal of funds – only on WebMoney. The only drawback of the resource is that there is no gradation in the difficulty of tasks; you will have to choose something suitable from the total number; – here you can earn money from likes on Instagram and Facebook. The minimum price for a “heart” is 20 kopecks. On the plus side, you can withdraw very small amounts: from 5 UAH;
You to Sub – pays for your subscription not just once, but every day! At the same time, the pay is pretty good – up to 2 UAH for 1 account per day.

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All of the listed services work according to a similar algorithm. You register on the site, select tasks and complete them. In some cases (not always), there are certain criteria for choosing a performer:

presence/absence of publications in the profile;

number of subscribers;
number of subscriptions.
Advice: always read the rules of work on a specific resource before starting a task. This way you can avoid a ban or non-payment of funds. We also recommend watching training videos that are available on almost every site that offers earnings from likes.

But remember that you need to be as careful as possible with this method. For excessive activity, your profile may be banned. And, of course, always read reviews about the site you plan to work on. To avoid falling for scammers, use proven resources that have existed for a long time. Suspiciously high prices for likes are also one of the signs of fraud, remember this.

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